Five million people with depression in the US don’t respond to commonly prescribed treatments. This condition is known as treatment-resistant depression.  These individuals experience countless prescriptions that are ineffective, which increases their feeling that nothing is going to be able to help.

Ketamine infusion is a new and useful therapy for medication-resistant depression and several other conditions. 

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Medical Referral

Bring a diagnosis from your psychiatric provider or see one of our nurse practitioners to determine if ketamine is right for you.

Ketamine Therapy Conditions

Ketamine therapy can be used for  conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Post Partum Depression, Chronic Pain, Migraines and CRPS.

Ketamine Programs & Offers

Typical therapy plans consist of six 

treatments followed by boosters as needed.  

Ketamine Safety

Your safety is our priority.  Patient monitoring and appropriate emergency equipment is part of our high standards.

What to Expect

In a private room, you will get an IV and then relax during the painless infusion.  Total time is about an hour, after which you will need a ride home.

Referral Discount

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As a complete mental health care clinic, we can manage both your physical and your mental health.  We offer primary care, psychiatry, psychological diagnostic testing and therapy.  We treat conditions appropriately with medication as well as nutrition and other integrative options.

Payment Options

Ketamine therapy can be paid for using HSA, FSA, Credit Cards or Cash.

Evening Hours

We have some evening appointments to help fit your busy schedule.

No Run-around!

We can address many of your needs in-house so you can improve faster with fewer hassles.